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The Book of Acts (Part 2)

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As we continue our study on the book of Acts, we come to the point of the book that introduces the church. God called us to be witnesses to others. Sometimes we want to be a judge and condemn people for their wrongdoings but God did not call us to be judges! The job of a witness is to give account for what they have seen. We are supposed to tell others what has happened to us. The bible is pretty simple about what we are supposed to do and how we are supposed to do it, all we have to do is trust and follow God.

Wings of an Eagle

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The Bible says “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles” (Isaiah 40:31, KJV). How far do you think an eagle could fly if it only had one wing? The wings of the eagle are prayer and praise. We need them both to keep going. Without one we are lost! Prayer is spending intimate time with God. If we can focus on a football team for hours and praise them, why can’t we spend time with God and praise Him? It is easy for us to praise God when good things happen to us but sometimes we need to praise him in our struggle. Sometimes, it takes sacrifice to praise, but that may be when God appreciates it the most. When you press though and praise Him, it not only benefits you but it can cause someone else to be free. Your praise can even cause your enemies to want to be saved. The eagle is the perfect depiction of strength. When a storm comes, the eagle is able to fly into the storm and it’s wings lift it up above the storm. Let your prayer and praise lift you up above the storm!

The Book of Acts (Part 1)

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The Book of Acts is also known as the Acts of the apostles or the Acts of the Holy Spirit. Luke wrote the Book of Acts as a sequel to his account of the life of Jesus Christ in the Book of Luke. Luke told the story of Jesus from the standpoint that Jesus Christ was 100% human being. He was all man, just like us. In the Bible Jesus is mentioned first as a baby, then at the age of twelve when he stayed behind in the temple conversing with the scholars, then at the age of 30 when his ministry began. He spent his whole life preparing for a ministry that lasted less than four years. The first thing he did, when he began his ministry, was go to John the Baptist and ask to be baptized by him. Next he was led into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil where he fasted and prayed for 40 days. He did all of this before he even chose his disciples. He was passionate about us as we should be about him.

Am I A Servant of All?

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Are you a servant to all? Everyone wants to be elevated. Many times we look for man to elevate us, but when God elevates us no one can take us down. God wants us to take on his yok. There is no way we can ever get up to God’s level which means that he comes down to our level so that we can accomplish this. If we yok up with Him, He will elevate us. Once we are elevated, we have to remember that we were made for servitude. Serving makes life meaningful. Without it we are existing but not living. There are five characteristics that every great servant must possess: humility, compassion, faithfulness, a focus on helping others, and not being self-centered. The ways of the kingdom are not the ways of the world.

The Paradigm Shift

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A Paradigm is a pattern. It is a way that we do things. When a paradigm shift occurs, the things that once were change and never go back to what they were before. When Peter walked on water he stepped outside of the boat, outside of his place of security. Peter had an experience that no one else had because he was willing to trust Jesus. The more that we learn and are made aware of the more we feel like we do not know. God has new things in store for us but in order to reach those things a rejuvenation of the mind and a paradigm shift must occur.

Vision Casting

First, let me ask you a question. What do you have in your hand? When God asks you a question he already knows the answer. He asks because he wants you to know the answer. God wants you to give Him what you are holding onto. Sometimes we hold on to stuff for so long that God can’t give us what he wants to give us. God doesn’t need the things that we have…He needs us! When he asks us to give things up it is so that he can give us back something with POWER. We hold ourselves up only thinking about what we want. We have to stop only thinking about ourselves all of the time and think on the positive things of God. God’s way works! The faith way works! God needs us to be faithful to Him. We do not want to be nominal Christians.

Dare To Dream

Zechariah 4:6b says “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.” Sometimes we have big problems and sometimes we have mountain problems. With the mountain problems we feel as though there is no way out so we might as well give up. God can turn that mountain into a plain and turn your problem into no problem at all. God won’t tell you to do something that you cannot do. God can do anything that he wants to do without us but He won’t. He uses people and he uses people who have faith. If you have the faith to believe it, God will do it. God speaks to us through dreams and visions. Our dreams come to us via our imagination. When God gives you a dream, he will bring it to pass. Don’t let anyone steal your dreams and don’t give up on them.

Head Faith Vs. Heart Faith Part 2

In the Bible God measures our faith. With head faith you have sense evidence which means you see it so you believe it. Heart faith, on the other hand, is spiritually based. It is based on what God says to us and not what we see. Your circumstances do not shake your heart faith but they shake your head faith. To know what God is saying to us we have to communicate with him. God speaks to us through his word. We have to meditate on God’s word and look up words that we don’t know to completely understand what God is telling us. God would not tell us to meditate on His Word if there was nothing to it. God reveals things to us through meditation. Meditation on the things of God increases our heart faith.