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Who are You Wrestling?

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Let’s talk about spiritual warfare. When God pours down his blessings, the devil attacks. The one we are against is not flesh and blood, we are up against spiritual beings! The devil has a strategy but so does God and God’s strategy beats the devil’s strategy every time. The devil’s strategy includes levels. The first level is principalities. There are rankings of spirit beings. The devils ranks his demons. Often, we spend too much time fighting mini demons, the ones that are low in rank and don’t really matter. There are three major principalities: the lust of the flesh which is moral impurity , the pride of life which is bitterness and jealousy, and the lust of the eye or temporal values. The second level is powers which include supernatural things like witch craft. The bible says that the principalities and the powers cannot separate us from the love of God. Third is the rulers of the darkness of this world. The fourth one is spiritual wickedness in high places. The devil wants our worship and we give it to him when we talk about the things that he does instead of the things God does. When the devil attacked Jesus, everything he said to the devil was Word. We have to have God’s word in us so that when the devil comes, we are ready to fight. Instead of fighting the small demons and focusing on physical beings, we need to turn to God and fight spirit with spirit.

The Resurrection & The Blood

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Blood is a peculiar substance, the site of which can overtake you. The Bible says that the life of the flesh is in the blood. That must be where the spirit lives. The blood is the only thing in your body that touches every single organ in your body. Back in biblical days, people would sacrifice animals and use their blood to atone for their sins. All of the blood that was shed for sacrifice before Calvary did not pay for our sins, they simply covered them like a loan with steep interest. The blood of Christ is that powerful! Many of your know about my daughter’s fight with Leukemia. The only way to cure the blood cancer she had was through a bone marrow transplant, but they couldn’t find a match for her. One day, a nurse came into her room and told us they had found a match through an umbilical cord. My daughter looked up at me and sad “Daddy, God allowed a baby to be born so that I can live!” God did the same thing for us. He allowed a baby to be born whose blood would save us all.

A Palm Sunday Praise

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Praise means to laud, to applause and to give accolades. The opposite of praise is to criticize which means to find fault and condemn. Unfortunately, an attitude of criticism comes natural to us instead of and attitude of praise. You cannot condemn and praise as the same time. The bible gives three aspects of praise for this Palm Sunday. The first is the sacrifice of praise. Praise is a way of life that is not our human nature which is why praise is a sacrifice. The second is continually. When you praise Him continually, you praise Him all the time. Meaning, when you feel like it and when you don’t. The third aspect is the fruit if our lips giving praise to his name. Until you express it, you have not praised. Praise is expressive and most of the time it is verbal but you can praise in other ways like shouting, dancing, or even playing an instrument. People should be able to see or hear your praise. If you are alive, you should be praising because the bible says “Let everything that have breath praise ye the Lord!” Since there is no struggle for an apple to grow on an apple tree, it should be as simple for a praise to pour from our lips.

Dare to Dream

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All dreams are not meaningless. Some of our dreams show our purpose. Our dreams have to be worthy because anything that we dwell on and dream about has the possibility of coming true. People die when they no longer have a purpose. God has placed a purpose in all of us that only he may be able to see. What has God put in you that other people don’t have? We have to transform our minds. When you use the power and energy that you normally use on negative things on positive things, it can change your whole life! There are two problems we face when we dare to dream. First, everybody is not going to be happy about your dreams because your dreams could take them out from where they are. Second, when we have a dream, we expect it to come to fruition right away. Sometime they don’t happen right away but they will come to past. We have to see our dreams through the eyes of faith, meaning we can’t go by what we see, we have to go by what God said. God’s word mixed with your faith will cause miracles to happen.

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