One of the most notable Christian authors, Bishop Leonard Scott, offers you his ministry through his music, books, seminars, and much more! He wants to bring the Good News of Jesus as well as His return through these inspirational and uplifting ministries.

  • Music Ministry – Are you looking for a new way to listen and appreciate the Word of God? Bishop Scott offers you this opportunity through his music ministry; it will take your worship experience to another level. Participating in praise and worship can make you feel like you are truly in the presence of God.Many people are moved and say they feel something powerful, something they have never felt before. The perfect combination of old and new, he will remind you of praise and worship songs you sang as a kid and will give you a contemporary experience as well. A lot of worship music, like christian songs, draw inspiration from gospel hymns, the source of nourishment for the soul. Take a journey with him as you listen to his songs and reflect on your spiritual walk with God. You can even watch him on DVD for a completely different experience. Regardless, his goal is to help you transform your worship life.
  • Book Ministry – Bishop Scott has a great collection of books and guides for you to read as you grow with the Lord. It is important for you to feed your spiritual appetite; so nurture it with books that will guide you to live a life righteous in the eyes of the Lord.
  • Speaking Ministry – Not only does Bishop Scott, sing and write, he talks at seminars, concerts, and the like. You can book Bishop Scott to talk at your next event. He can share his experiences with you on a personal level. You can get to know him more and the path God has carved out for him.

Regardless of where you are in your life, his various ministries have something to offer you. Just as David wrote many Psalms for us to read and learn from, Bishop Scott and many Christian authors have written many songs and books that can guide us to live a spiritually healthier life. Bishop Scott offers:

  • Gospel Music
  • Hymns
  • Praise and Worship Songs
  • Inspirational Books
  • And much more!

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Worship Music

Missionary Bishop Leonard Scott lives up to his commitment of revealing Jesus to churches and individuals all over the nation by creating worship music, inspirational books and Christian-themed movies, among others.

Believing in the power of music as a tool in proclaiming the life of Jesus, he offers anthologies of worship songs you have grown to love as well as fresh, new music that can help reestablish your connection with God.

The Importance of Prayer

Prayer is when you engage in a heart-to-heart conversation with your God. Praying allows you to tell Him anything and everything from your heart’s most fervent desires and the struggles that make you weak to an account of mundane things that took place throughout the day.

It is through prayer that our personal relationship with Jesus Christ our King and Savior is affirmed and strengthened. And it is through our solemn communication with him that we get to know Him, and the role He plays in our individual lives.

A Person Who Sings, Prays Twice

St. Augustine said: “For a person who sings praise, does not only praise, but also praises joyfully; a person who sings praise songs, not only sings, but also loves Him whom he is singing for.”According to the Bishop of Hippo, when someone sings for God, that person is acknowledging and proclaiming Him in public, and in his song, love is present.

Leonard Scott introduces worship music that can take your worship to a different level. Proclaim your love for Jesus, rejoice, give thanks, and tell the entire world how Jesus’ love for you transformed you through heartfelt singing. Tell the world how He died for you and how, in return, you’ll live for Him by singing songs of praise.

Transform Your Prayer Experience

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Do you remember the last time you lost yourself in prayer and felt God’s presence? Let Bishop Leonard Scott usher you back into the heart of worship with his collection of praise songs.

Our music, DVDs, and books are also offered at discounted prices this season. Call us at 317.257.7625 or email info@bishoplscott.com to learn more.

Gospel Hymns

BLS Ministries offers an extensive selection of gospel hymns for praise and worship. As a song writer and worship leader, Bishop Scott knows just the kinds of hymns that will make the strongest connection to your life as a Christian.

Communing with God through Song and Prayer

For Christians around the world, gospel songs are one of the greatest and most fulfilling ways to communicate with God and live an inspirational life. It reminds us of the scriptures and of God’s eternal love for mankind.

Gospel hymns spread the Word of God through a creative and vibrant way; through song, dance, and instrument. These also provide a means by which Christians can put God at the center of their lives.

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Hymns are not only sung during worship or service, but also at any time you feel like talking to God. Whether you are at home or in the workplace, you can listen to gospel hymns to speak to the Father and be one with Him in spirit.

What Gospel Hymns Can Do for You

Singing gospel hymns are a form of praise and worship and a form of rejoicing, thanksgiving, and communicating with God in time of need. In the midst of joy and triumphs, as well as in moments of distress, failure, and sorrow, we have gospel hymns to lift our spirits and remind us that God’s love conquers all.

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Together, gospel hymns bring a ministry together, and even people outside of the Church for the cause of worshipping Christ. It is also a way to improve your Christian life and devotion, increase your knowledge of the gospel and bring your relationship closer to the Father.

Shop for Gospel Hymns Now

Bishop Scott and BLS Ministries offer Christians countless gospel hymns for a renewed worship life. We feature an extensive collection, each song dedicated to helping you live a more spiritual and profound Christian life. All our gospel hymns are available for digital download.

All our music, DVDs and books come at a discounted price this season.